South Sudan desperately Needs

your Help

Why We Urgently Need Your Help?

South Sudan Urgently Needs Your Help

The conflict in South Sudan has displaced millions of people, with many seeking refuge in neighboring countries or in camps within the country. The displacement of people has led to widespread food insecurity, as people are often unable to access their crops and other sources of food. This has resulted in widespread malnutrition and hunger, particularly among children.

The fighting has also disrupted the country’s economy and infrastructure, making it difficult for people to access basic necessities such as food, clean water, and healthcare.

Quick Facts

We Need Aid and Volunteers

Most people in South Sudan reside in rural areas and live on less than a dollar a day. People live in thatched-roofed houses located in areas with poor sanitation. Eighty percent of the population has no access to any toilet facility.

 In South Sudan, the wealth is measured by the number of cattle that each family owns. It is also common to pay a man in cattle for the opportunity to marry his daughter should there be several men competing for her.

The country also suffers from a poor education and healthcare system. South Sudan has the highest illiteracy rate in the world. Only 16% of South Sudanese children ever go to school and only 1.9% complete primary school.